Monika Rudnicka

Monika Rudnicka, a licensed Aesthetician since 2003, LMT since 2011, studied Aesthetics in New England, and massage therapy in Boulder, Colorado.  Monika came to Nantucket in 2008 to work for the White Elephant Spa and later GHYC spa, five years later she opened the door to her own, now thriving private practice.

She believes in continuous education and takes classes any chance she gets, online and off.  Monika also attends annual conferences on Skin Care and Wellness in NYC and in Miami, as well as the annual Integrative Medicine Symposium SIMPLE in NM. 

She believes in synergy between our environment within and the one we live in, therefore does her best to steer her clients towards balance, through regular massage, custom facial treatments and sometimes lifestyle changes.   She encourages daily habit and diet improvements, regular exercise and spiritual practice, which are also her own ongoing priorities.   She uses her knowledge whenever possible to contribute to her client’s well-being, but is glad to recommend another practitioner when outside of her scope of practice.

Carlisle Hodges

Carlisle Hodges has been teaching yoga and exploring alternative modalities of therapy since 2013. She is inspired by the relationship between the physical and emotional body. She was Reiki I and II certified in 2016. Just like in her yoga classes she weaves in various healing elements into her work. She loves using aromatherapy and crystals. She gratefully explores her connection to the divine through meditation and believes we all have the ability to connect. Carlisle aims to create a safe environment for her students and clients to experience deep relaxation and explore the power of intuition.


Reiki is a noninvasive alternative healing modality with many benefits. It originated in Japan and its known to reduce stress, remove mental and or physical blocks, and strengthen one’s relationship to their energetic body.  It also encourages healing old trauma and emotional pain.

In addition to Reiki, Reconnect may include aromatherapy, guided meditation, oracle cards, and crystals. Every session is uniquely customized to each individual. This treatment is received with clothes on, it is recommended to wear something comfortable. To schedule, please contact Carlisle directly at (865-850-8612 or email carlisle.hodges@gmail.com.