Monika has spent over 15 years as a licensed Esthetician and nearly a decade as a massage therapist after training in Boulder, Colorado to further her skills in the spa industry. She has extensive experience in high-end spas. She came to Nantucket in 2008 where she became widely celebrated for her facials and skillful massage ability while at the White Elephant and Great Harbor Yacht Club, before finally opening her own practice where she has had a thriving business since. Driven and inspired by new and innovative trends, Monika is a perpetual student. She is committed to ongoing education and attends regular conferences throughout the country. Monika is primarily influenced in her work by the principles of traditional Chinese Medicine. She innately resonates with the notion that the body intrinsically seeks balance in all areas to maintain homeostasis and return to a state of health. To that end she uses her training and education as well as her keen intuition, to guide her clients towards health holistically. She does this by encouraging lifestyle changes that elicit a congruence between the internal and external aspects of her clients through the use of essential oils, tinctures, flower essences and organic skin care products. Indeed, Monika seeks to empower her clients from within, which leads to an experience of self-confidence, self-acceptance, and an authentic desire to live consciously and in harmony with the world around us.