Hello, I hope this finds you well and safe.

It has been over a month since I’ve suspended in-person sessions and temporarily closed our new, physical location.

In my dedication to the safety and well-being of all, Monarch Face & Body will remain closed throughout the month of May and anticipates re-opening in early June.

After much needed time of reflection, contemplation, and re-charging, both Anne Marie and I are now focusing our energy and time on expanding our professional knowledge and adjusting to the new conditions.

While we wait on state officials to start allowing various businesses to reopen, we are preparing to set new guidelines for safety to address covid-19’s complex challenges. We have already completed a certificate for infection prevention and control from Rejuvenate salon and spa disinfectants and are now enrolled in a program that focuses on new spa safety protocols.

Anne Marie has been expanding her knowledge on the mind-body connection to enhance her massage techniques as well as helping friends and professionals remain safe by sewing and gifting reusable masks. Thank you Anne Marie.

I have been offering free, virtual sessions of guided meditation with Reiki balancing to friends and family throughout the month of April and I would like to extend the invitation to you at this time as well. If this is something that interests you, please contact me for more information.

I’ve also been using my knowledge acquired at the Boston School Of Herbal Studies last year, to make new aromatherapy and herbal blends and expand Monarch Botanicals, which is my new line of products for stress management and wellness. More info on that coming soon.

Last but not least, I’ve been working on bringing you the convenience of an online shop where you will be able to replenish your skin care needs and find herbal remedies, aromatherapy, spiritually congruent tools, and accessories to help you continue to care for your body, mind and spirit and enrich your overall well being. Online, Monarch’s apothecary will be ready to launch by May 15th.

Sending blessings and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to well-being.