About Us

We believe that beauty starts within. At Monarch we focus on exploring your current state of being and creating awareness around it.  Awareness is the first step to change. We encourage self-exploration and transitions and offer massage, bodywork, facials, and hypnotherapy to support it.

Our boutique is supplied in high vibration skincare products where holistic meets clinical, our favorite brands include Venus & Vetiver (botanical), Spa Technologies (seaweed and algae), and Environ Skincare (vitamin step-up system for sun damage recovery).  We also carry herbal remedies which include Floracopeia’s essential oils, signature aromatherapy blends for stress reduction, tinctures, herbal tea blends, and various ritual items such as journals, candles, smudging incense, diffusers, and more.

Our Facials focus on skin recovery and rejuvenation.  We follow a holistic approach in treating skin starting with internal health conditions, stress management and lifestyle improvements, beliefs about oneself as well as an appropriate at-home skincare routine.

Massage therapy is one of the better ways of letting go of tension and stress locked up in the body.  Our experienced massage therapists use various techniques and modalities to resolve trigger points, improve range of motion and relax the body and mind.  We use cupping to assist in breaking up old adhesions, increase blood flow in the soft tissues and help in the detoxification process.  

Hypnotherapy, the newest addition to our menu.  For best results recommended in series.  Hypnotherapy helps to transform unhealthy habits, overcome blocks, emotional challenges, and more.