The experience itself, generally speaking, is relaxing, transformational, and it can be emotional.

During hypnosis, you have your eyes closed and are guided to a relaxed state of mind first through a guided meditation script in order to reach theta brain wave state. Once in theta brainwave state, you are being guided to look at blocks, limitations, or even past traumas from an objective point of view and from an observers perspective.

You are able to feel the emotions of the experiences just not as intensely as you would while it was happening for real, so you are not re-living the uncomfortable or traumatic experiences. Instead, you are observing them and are being guided
by the hypnotherapist to create changes within that memory in the subconscious, therefore, creating new, more positive outcomes, and new neuro-pathways which transform you and change your reality so you no longer feel limited. You are able to break an unhealthy habit (create a healthy one) or let go of an emotional challenge.

In the first session, I also teach you self hypnosis so you can practice daily to reinforce the positive changes.

The Health benefits of hypnotherapy are endless, I will mention a few that interest me most; stress reduction (according to recent studies, stress is one of the main causes of most diseases), anxiety (one of the most common and debilitating emotional states which keep individuals feeling stuck, loss of sleep at night, and unable to experience life to its fullest), depression (often caused by traumatic, childhood experience… sometimes not recognized as trauma), pain, IBS, overweight, and many more.