MASSAGE ~ $145 (60min) / $215 (90min)

Benefits include stress and pain reduction, improves mobility, faster post-injury recovery, increases energy levels, and mind-body connection.  Each session is customized to your needs, where various techniques might be used, such as: myo-fascial release (MFR), trigger point therapy (TPT), and cupping.  Aromatherapy and energy healing (Reiki, etc.) are often included to deepen relaxation throughout the session.

BALANCING FOOT TREATMENT ~ $145 (60min) / $215 (90min)

Reflexology-inspired foot treatment was custom designed to deeply relax the nervous system, reduce anxiety and help to create balance throughout the body. This is done with incorporating acupressure, cupping, and aromatherapy on the feet following the reflexology foot map, as well as reducing tension with massage on the neck and shoulders. Let yourself relax, detox, let go of stress and inflammation, and feel better than ever before. This hour-long session will help you to feel renewed and able to face life’s stressors with grace and ease. 60min or 90min sessions available. Anne Marie incorporates Aromatherapy and Energetic bodywork to enhance your experience and deepen your relaxation.

REIKI ~ $145 (60min) / $215 (90min)

Reiki means life force energy. It is a hands-on modality which is meant to cleanse the energetic systems called chakras, and in turn, improving overall well being.